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Testing of Solar Photovoltaic modules

Major testing services offered as per the following standards

  1. IEC 61215 / 61646 (08 Identical SPV modules)
  2. IEC 61730 - 1 & 2 (08 Identical SPV modules)
  3. IEC 61701 (03 Identical SPV modules)
  4. PID as per MNRE guidlines (04 Identical SPV modules)

Type / Individual test
Visual Inspection test Insulation test STC Performance cell / module
Temperature Coefficient test NOCT Measurement Performance at NOCT
Performance at low irradiance Outdoor Exposure (60 kWh/m2) Hot Spot Endurance
UV Preconditioning Thermal Cycle (200) Damp Heat Test
Humidity Freeze Test Robustness of terminations Mechanical load (static)
Hail Impact Test Wet Leakage Current Test Thermal Cycle (50)

Electroluminescence Test – Test per sample of PV module

Testing of photovoltaic Solar Cells:

Solar cell testing facility at NISE is capable of testing solar cells. The setup is capable of testing solar cells upto 4 busbars. Able to measure the temperature co-efficient of solar cell up to 6 inch X 6 inch area as per IEC 60904-1:2006 /IS 12762 (Part 1):2010 standards.

The technical and performance specifications of the Class AAA sun simulator are tabled below:

Model Lamp power (Watts) Output beam Collimation
Inches Millimeters Working Distance
SP1000-4966 1600 W 12 X 12 305 X 305 12.00” ± 0.5” ±1O

The following PV Solar cell test is available:

Solar cell STC performance evaluation - Test per sample of PV module

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