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SPV water Pumping Testing Facility at NISE

National Institute of Solar Energy, a renowned institute, have a SPV water pumping testing facility for testing, performance evaluation as well as certifying of different types of SPV water pumps and its components as per the guidelines provided by Ministry of new and renewable energy specifications which are updated and modified time to time as per need..

A Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Water Pumping System consists of:

PV Array: Capacity in the range of 200 Wp to 10 KWp. These ranges of Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Water Pumping Systems are basically for “Irrigation” applications. However, these may also be used for “Drinking Water Applications wherever such capacities are required”. PV Array should be mounted on a suitable structure with a provision of tracking the sun.

Motor Pump Set (Surface or submersible) : D.C. Motor Pump Set (with Brushes or Brush less D.C.) or A.C. Induction Motor Pump Set with a suitable Inverter

Electronics :
  • Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
  • Inverter for A.C. Motors (Appropriate Electronic Controller in case of B.L.D.C.)
  • Electronic Protections.

Interconnect Cables and “On-Off” switch.

Shallow Well Pumping System: MODEL-I, MODEL -II or MODEL-III or Deep Well Pumping System: MODEL-I, MODEL -II , MODEL-III or MODEL –IV

The following Solar PV water pumping performance evaluation tests are available for:
  • AC/DC SPV water pumping system up-to 2HP
  • AC/DC SPV water pumping system 3-5 HP
  • AC/DC SPV water pumping system, above 5 HP – 10 HP

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